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SAP Customer Experience®

Customer Experience

SAP’s Customer Experience solutions utilize a suite of cloud-based products that give a 360° view of your customer relationships.

They combine customer data, machine learning technology, and microservices to drive real-time customer engagement across sales, service, marketing and commerce divisions.

As a registered SAP service partner, we are experts at using SAP Customer Experience solutions to optimize our clients’ transformation to increasing wallet share, driving stronger loyalty, reducing innovation cycles and improving product and service offerings:

  • SAP® Marketing Cloud
    • Personalized customer experiences
    • Audience discovery, targeting, and segmentation
    • Building customer trust → long-term loyalty
  • SAP® Sales Cloud
    • Monitoring customer activity
    • Discovering potential opportunities for growth
    • Automating entire sales process
    • Accurate revenue forecasting
    • Monitoring team performance
  • SAP® Customer Data Cloud (Gigya)
    • Cloud capabilities to improve customer data management from the enterprise ecosystem
    • Managing cross-channel and cross-device data →seamless customer experiences
    • Adherence to GDPR standards
  • SAP® Service Cloud
    • Real time reaction to customer issues based on data insights from connected customer management- and service processes
    • 360° view for managers
      • Increased efficiency levels
      • Focus on resolving customer pain points
  • SAP® Commerce Cloud
    • Effective e-commerce solutions
    • Product catalog and inventory management
    • Order fulfillment via a simple and intuitive WHO (order management system)
    • Highly customizable for pricing + promotions, based on customer and market needs
SAP S/4HANA® Suite

Enterprise Resource Planning

The SAP S/4HANA Suite is built on an innovative in-memory database platform capable of connecting operations across business units. It’s Digital Core is an intelligent hub that informs decision-making by connecting business processes and integrating with existing SAP applications.

  • SAP® Finance
    • Financial planning and analysis
    • Accounting and financial close processes
    • Treasury and financial risk processes
    • Collaborative finance operations
    • Enterprise risk and compliance
  • SAP® Sourcing and Procurement
    • In-depth purchasing insights
    • User interface with SAP Fiori® apps → processing the entire request process
    • Automated sourcing and contract management processes
    • In-depth view of the supply chain
    • Visibility of most important KPIs via analytics apps → processing critical issues at speed
    • Effettive commodity procurement management
  • SAP® Digital Supply Chain
    • Inventory and logistics processes
    • Production planning
    • Complex assembly processes
    • Manufacturing workflows
    • Efficient maintenance management
    • Quality management
  • SAP® Sales
    • Order and contract management
    • Sales performance management
    • Subscription billing and revenue
    • Flexible solutions for the billing process
    • Sales force, marketing and team support via data from customer insights

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